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15. Secondary Surgery

Some patients will benefit from secondary surgery. These include rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty, chin surgery, upper lip surgery, implants and bone contouring surgery to improve symmetry and aesthetic appearance. Decisions for such secondary surgery we typically will wait 12 months after the jaw surgery and after the braces are removed.


For patients with missing teeth, dental implants and bridges are addressed after the braces are removed. Appointment is made with our prosthodontist


Some patients will need further surgery because of secondary problems that may occur as result of orthodontic treatment and surgery. These include removal of the skeletal fixation hardware because of mechanical failure or once the bones are healed plate ‘irritation’, gingival (gum) surgery, root canal and sinus surgery. If the bones fail to heal and there is mobility, this may require adding a bone graft and replacing the skeletal fixation.

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