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1. About Jaw Deformities


How our face looks depends on two basic things: the shape and position of the upper and lower jaw bones; and how the skin drapes the bones of the face. There is a well defined normal relationship that exists between the upper jaw and the lower jaw.


Deformities of the jaws occur because of a birth defect, abnormal growth during adolescence or because of accidents. When the relationship between the facial bones is abnormal, the appearance of the face and the proper functioning of the jaws are affected.


This means that the jaw deformities may affect:
  • How the teeth meet: the ability to bite, chew and swallow.

  • How the TMJ (jaw joint) functions: popping, pain, grinding and headaches.

  • The ability to speak properly: difficult in producing certain sounds.

  • Breathing through the nose and/or mouth.

  • The appearance of the face:  self perception and how others perceive us.

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