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Benefits of Surgery

Restore Appearance
Functional Benefits

The Downside of Surgery

Lower Jaw Surgery


  • Numbness of lower lip  and teeth region but gradually comes back. The nerve of the lower jaw is buried in the bone that must be sectioned. It may take a year to recover, and then 30% of the patients will have permanent numbness. But it does not affect function and many patients do not even notice it.

  • TMJ that may get worse 

  • Anesthesia complications

  • Bleeeding and possible need for blood transfusion

  • Infection as the surgery is through the mouth

  • Bite may not remain stable and require another surgery or prolonged orthodontics.

  • Dental injury (root canal or implant)

  • Problems with plates or screws that require removal.

  • Unpredictable surgical complications

  • Not every complication can be listed

The sensory nerve goes through (inside) the bone where the bone is sectioned.  Thus the nerve injury is inevitable.

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