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Eating After Jaw Surgery: A Survival Guide

We understand that it is extremely challenging to navigate meal preparation following orthognathic surgery and to ensure that you have enough calories, vitamins and minerals, and nutrition, let alone a variety of interesting meals while you recover. The goal is to be able to be able to eat high calorie with high protein meals in small amounts throughout the day until you can eat comfortably and without difficulty back to your usual meal schedule. 


This section includes food suggestions, sample menus and recipes to make sure you eat well. Eating well will help strengthen your body, increase energy, help tissues to heal and improve your overall well-being.  


It will take time to get through each meal. It is messy as you figure out how to chew and swallow with your jaws in a new position.  You will have difficulty bringing your lips together and at the beginning liquids and foods will dribble out. 


Be patient. The first week after surgery is the toughest. Once you turn the corner, your recovery will be much faster.  Try to be active, keep your mind off of the recovery and remember that surgery is behind you.

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