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How and What to Eat after Jaw Surgery...

It will take time to get through each meal. It is messy as you figure out how to chew and swallow with your jaws in a new position.  You will have difficulty bringing your lips together and at the beginning liquids and foods will dribble out. 

Everyone has their own way of eating.  Because of the increased difficulty in taking in diet many patients find that it is easier to eat 6 or 7 small meals throughout the day.   


Remember, if you are recovering from jaw surgery – CHEWING  and SWALLOWING WILL TAKE TIME!  Below is a sample menu for both puréed and mechanical soft diets.

Either purchase already prepared soft/pureed foods or use a blender or food processor.  A baster with bulb or a large syringe will be useful to squeeze the food in.

Be patient. The first week after surgery is the toughest. Once you turn the corner, your recovery will be much faster.  Try to be active, keep your mind off of the recovery and remember that surgery is behind you.


  • Fruit and vegetable juices

  • Fruits as tolerated

  • Hot cereal

  • Cold cereal softened in milk (for mechanical soft diets)

  • Scrambled eggs or chopped, hard-boiled eggs for mechanical soft diets

  • Soft breads, such as muffins and pancakes, soaked in liquid to soften them for mechanical soft diets

  • Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate

Lunch and dinner

  • Fruit and vegetable juices

  • Soups, which can be easily blended or strained in the restaurant. Egg drop soup is a good source of protein

Main dishes

  • Ground meat products, such as hamburger patties, meatloaf, and meatballs

  • Soft, flaky fish steamed, baked, or broiled, such as fillet of sole, flounder, or tilapia

  • Noodles and macaroni dishes blenderized for puréed diets

  • Soufflés

  • Cottage cheese and soft fruit platters

  • Sandwiches such as tuna or egg salad on soft bread


  • Baked or mashed potatoes

  • Any soft cooked vegetables such as cooked carrots

  • Creamed spinach

  • Vegetable soufflé

  • Guacamole (be aware of your tolerance to spicy foods)

  • Hummus


  • Ice cream or frozen yogurt

  • Gelatin desserts

  • Milkshakes

  • Mousse

  • Puddings and custards

  • Applesauce or other soft fruits

  • Fruit sorbets

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